Pirate King, The Pirates of Penzance


“If his current over-the-top performance is any indication, Bradley Smoak could own the part of the Pirate King. His vocal accomplishments certainly set the standard for polished singing of the role, and he uses his good looks and lanky physique to superb comic effect. There is not a 'take' that goes amiss, not a twitch of his sword that is not well-considered, and his light-footed traversal of Mr. Curran's dance steps was assured and appealing. Has any King besides Bradley ever executed high kicks like a seasoned hoofer? Mr. Smoak dominated the stage with a performance of consummate wit, inspired clowning, resonant singing, and star power to spare.” - Opera Today

"Bradley Smoak takes command of the Pirate King role both musically and comically, shaping the most memorable performance in this rendition with his rich bass voice and measured comic portrayal..." - Ladue News

Bradley Smoak, with his strong bass and impeccable comic timing, has a ball as king of the soft-hearted pirate band.” - Chicago Tribune